Fly to the sky

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Busy week

Wow, am so busy these days and am loving it! Dance, music and dandiya...okay, some work in between, some deadlines to meet and some transactions to merge...hehe. But yeah, I am happy when am busy and running errands. I manage time for my gym and the fooseball, ping-pong games. Took some time off from work for a game of pool the other day. So much happening, its fun. Did some shopping yesterday for the Diwali fest coming up at Oracle. I love the practice sessions. Catching up with some things I missed in my undergrad coll days :) I could always do fashion shows, thats the easy stuff but you need lot of attitude to shake a leg ;) We go to Cupertino some days to practice, our choreographer stays there, but one thing that drags me there is the good food in a dhaba close by :D Choreography is almost done, but people are still nervous, a lot excited, but damn anxious...we are far from done, but its a lot of fun. Am sure, I will miss these dance sessions once the D day is gone past.

Went for the Dandiya organized by the SEF at Santaclara in the weekend and wow, was it entertaining. Such adventure! Went for a wonderful concert organized by Saniti, one of my friends was performing. She is an amazing dancer, have always admired talented skillful dancers, one area I always dreaded to explore without the support of 2 drinks, hehe.... There were some 12 dances and intermittent skits. Out of it and decided to go try my luck with the Dandiya was tuff I knew but the task looked impossible when we saw so many people returning back without tickets....but we still went in. Talked to a nice lady who knew of someone wanting to selling extra ticket, got that and apparently that ticket had free Dandiya along, hehe. The dance was fun, we were a huge group, not really good dancers, overly under-dressed compared to the stunning ghagra cholis and kurtis we saw there. But we had a great time there. Good music, some food and water, fun people to hang around with, cute guys to look at and the night was gratifying ;)

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Mystery spot and Broadwalk

Yahoo! Had a blast today, and oops my throat is hurting by the Aaah-Ooh yellings :) Hehe, had so much fun. Started the day on a good note - pushed myself out of bed and had a good breakfast. Reached Sunnywale, rented a car with a friend. Had lots of food, and man, it was oh so Yummy! What better way to start than good food.

Drove to the mystery spot, and the drive was so cool...twists and turns and a good speed, had all that and an amazing scenary to relish, felt heaven! The mystery spot is much more than just the gravity shift. The guide we had narrated funny stories and demonstrated some fun stuff like the rolling down of soda bottles and billiard balls against earth's gravity. He rolled off these on what looked like steep slope to us. This was anti-gravity and they actually rolled up the slope. We could feel the gravity pushing us on the higher end of slope. We stood slant at 45 degrees to feel straight above ground. This and many more mysterious stuff there, had my head spinning when I left the place. Oops, never experienced that w/o any rum or Tequila ;)

Next was a drive to the Santacruz beach. Spent some time there as we walked along the Boardwalk...again, an amazing place to spend your evenings. If I thought I was seeing things straight now, it was only shortlived :) Took all the crazy rides in the theme park. The top one on my list is Fire ball. Ohhh...I had never felt so close to God before :) The thrill, the kick, the adrenalin rush and a lot more plain fun is something I did after a long time. I would like to do this all over again right now, haha.

This, I should do atleast once in a month to envigor myself. I feel like a kid again, I feel the ecstacy, I feel the energy!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Fun month

Wow, have never been more happy in life! All looks so good. Oops, touch wood...But yeah, I seem to be so much under control. Be it work, career, activities, fun or just plain life in general.

Yosemite trip is the best way to begin narrating this mood of mine :) Aah, got to drive a lot in the journey, well not as much as I would have liked, but quite a lot for a beginner...its not easy to drive with 4 other pseudo-drivers in the car! But, enjoyed it nevertheless. The hotel, Apple tree Inn was beautiful cottage-like, amidst the woods, secure yet having the mysterious feel.

We drove, trekked, hiked, swam, fed the deer and so much more! The Tenaya lake was the most beautiful thing I have set my eyes on. Its calm and clear, surrounded by mountains all around. Being 8000 feet above sea level, the sun shine seemed to have no effect at all in that chill cold freezing water. But, we took a dip...froze to death for a few minutes but were good later. Got a chance to flaunt my rather skillful swimming talents in this chilly icy place;) It was heaven!

The next stop, we drove to the Glacier point. The scenic beauty is breathtaking. We trekked for about a mile there. the next time, will target the half dome:) The next stop was Bridal falls. Again, an awesome sight, a treat to eyes. You feel so close to nature in such a stunningly beautiful place. My parents loved the place, which was the most important to me.

The coming weekend I saw Lage Raho Munnabhai, aha, a very funny, amazing Hindi movie I saw in ages, it feels. Its a very well made movie, a must see! I must have seen some 100 movies in the recent times, but this one peaks all in its entertaining aspect, Circuit rocks!

Work is seeming up pick up speed and I am rather enjoying it. Its enuf to keep me busy. The Diwali bash at Oracle has some dance performances that I am participating. Donno how its gonna shape at the end, but the practice sessions are so much fun. We had a promotional program for Latin dancing, and man...its so overwhelming, tired but longing for more, cant wait for the next week. This feels so good. Gonna hit the gym now...