Fly to the sky

Saturday, December 31, 2005

New year 2006

My first new year celebration in the United States, and was amazzing. Had a great time with my brother at Columbus. We came to the downtown area to see the fireworks. There was an event organized here, they call it First Night Columbus, guess every city has one that goes by this name...There were concerts in the open arena, water fire was the one I enjoyed the most, they were playing Jazz and the lyrics (how much ever I followed) were funny. This place was on the east of Cosi. A South American band played in the Cosi lobby and was damn cool . We went to the city mall the next and listened to an orchestra there. There was music all over the place, and everyone around was in a festive mood. We returned back to the Cosi, had some food...Veggie stuff and it sucked, but the music more than made up for the bad food.

It was now time for the fireworks as the clock ticked towards 12. Wow, had never seen such beautiful fireworks, so many colors and such beautiful patterns. The mayor inaugurated the stuff and was funny, comparing these politicians to the ones in India is unimaginable - we have Laloo, Rabri and Thackeray there...was home at 12:30. Called up home, talked to my parents in India, wished all my friends here.

Had a nice time in Columbus, will be back to Pitt soon... and have to prepare for my Google and Oracle interviews, hope things click in the new year.