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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

June and July

June and July were giant months if you gauge the sum total of all the whopping events that transpired! Hehe, couldnt have been more dramatic :) But these 2 months did bring considerable difference in my perspective towards life, people and fun.

Why is so difficult to understand and get along with some people. The people you like, well, one side of them, the other side is the scary, cribby, whiny one. You like them when they are in their good mood, and can tolerate the other side, but not really enjoy that. They get offended soon, upset sooner, whiny the next second, and angry the next. Fine, they are your friends and you accept them just the way they are..BUT.... I end up with feelings like- Uh, what did I do today; Did I say or do something that might have triggered this, how do I apologize for something I donno I did? Well, I wanna end that guilt feeling, I wanna say it loud I cant take it any more. But, I think agan, friends are whom you forgive for their follies not forget them for that.

Ha, am I being too philosophical, well, I am like that at times, and I dont really like that :)

I moved in June, I realized it is not that big of a task like people generally make it out to be. I am a very detailed planner;) I hired the movers, they did all the work, so neat, so perfect, so professional. I was so thrilled and amazed at how efficient some people can be. They came in with bubble wrap, boxes, lots of tapes, a big truck, and man, were they fast! Its a good work out, you can consider a part time job for some quick money ;)

I attended the AR Rahman concert at the Oracle Arena, and you gotta acknowledge, this man is a genious! He kept the audience glued to their seats right from the start to finish. All his companions were really good too. What I liked about this show was they kept the momentum high at all times, did their mix and match of songs really well, the props were apt and wooed the audience everytime they made a appearance on the stage. All in all, a fun event with family and friends.

Was always a fan of fireworks on cruise, never got a chance to do one before this one. And, this was breathtakingly awesome! Felt like I was in a spaceship and the beautiful angels were partying just over my head. The fireworks were on just for us, the chilly weather, the beautiful night, the happening sf downtown and the cruise all added just the right effect!

Mom is with me and taking her to places is such fun. My brother has just joined Oracle too, lots of company. And now the news I had been waiting for like ever, He gets an offer in the Bay area and is set to move here in the next few weeks. All going good, everything I wished for, why do I crave for more and more, O yeah, I want more out of life! :)