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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The big month

Yeah, am talking about February. I know it sounds ironic, Feb is indeed the shortest month on calendar, but it just proved to be a big month in my year :) It began with my Pittsburgh trip to CMU. It was dead cold, but the trip overall was awesome. It was in 60s when I left SF and landed in Pittsburgh at 10deg F. If I thought the cold was tough, I hadnt imagined the driving on icy hilly roads. If there is anything that can make this worse, it was getting lost, hehe. Was driving back to Hilton from the Indian Bistro near CMU, dropped off a friend and took one wrong turn, nothing seemed to go right after that :) All one ways, was going up the hill towards Dukenne point, on icy road. But had a great navigator on phone, so got back home safe and sound, but cold, cold and cold. That was just one such experience, the next few days were so smooth, in fact couldnt have been better.

EOC was fun, meeting up with school profs and friends, juniors, and all Oracle aspirants. It seems like just yesterday when I was one in that crowd running around with the resume in my hand :) Movies at home, shopping around Pittsburgh, eating out, driving around, and squash/racket ball at CMU. Then, the big thing - a ring in my hand! Ha, well, nothing official yet, but a big step in our relationship. Wouldnt write more on that, actually can never find enough words to describe this heavenly feeling when everything feels just perfect..

Made a quick trip to Phoenix in one of the weekends. This trip was splendid, met up with my bros as well. Its always nice when all of us get together... went for a swim, a games arcade, the 300 movie, and the best was the Canyon lake and the drive thru the Apache trail. From within the mountains, really narrow route, the drive was spectacular! Stopped by the lake for a while, took and a small trail. The sunset was brilliant, such beauty and so close to nature one feels...

The rest in my life seems just the same. Good work, a nice boss, wonderful friends around, caring and comforting family - far yet near :) Get to work, play and party, nothing I could complain of. Yet, being human, we are far from satisfaction, we just want more from life and I cant exclude myself from this lot. I want a promotion, a hike, I yearn to see my parents close to me, I wish he moves here, finds a job, we get to spend more time together.. Ha, I hate people who whine ;)