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Monday, May 28, 2007

April and May

Been quite sometime since I blogged, gotta pen down my thoughts. Nothing eventful in April. Played a lot, worked out a good share, partied a good proportion of time, all this lead to a bad sore back, so the rest of the April left me recuperating. The nice part about falling ill is getting to know how much people around you love and care for you. Its only reassuring to know that I have great friends, awesome collegues, and a lovely family. Mom came to take care of me, I was good by then but for Mom to come, I need no reason. I come home for lunch, try to wake up early, return by early evening, go for a walk/jog in the park, do my exercises, watch some good television, follow a good routine. Try to take Mom out in the weekends, life seems so perfect now.

Attended a concert, the Incredibles in May. Sonu Nigam, Asha Bhosle, Kunal Ganjawalla, Kailash Kher. Had lot of fun, it was nice to see Mom having a good time as well. Kunal Ganjawalla was a big bore, but the rest of them more than compensated for the rather awful singer. Asian art museum was another pleasant trip. It is one of the largest museums in the Western world devoted exclusively to Asian art, the museum was a nice trip to Asia- India, Nepal, Korea, Japan and many more. So much about Buddhism, its origin, its spread, power and approval in the world. I especially liked the basket section- the different kinds of baskets, their styles, their usage across regions, and in various seasons. It was very knowledgeable, and lot of fun to pose with the diverse statues :)

Half moon bay is another favorite spot of mine, the beautiful beach thats so close to my place. With the water so cold Mom loved it, though she was quite cold in there. Cayote point at San Mateo is very scenic. There are small trails around the place thats so much enjoyable. The walk along the harbor was very exciting, to walk feeling the breeze in your face gives such pleasure, you feel heaven! There is a small park alongside that takes you back by some 10-15 yrs, hehe. I love the swing and slide and I am not ashamed to admit that, haha.

Long weekend comes and am at Phoenix. We drove to the White mountains, its like a 4 hr drive from here. It was amazing to drive around there. The incredibly beautiful mountains and small creeks and trails around, with some snow covered peeks were superb. We had a small wooden cottage booked for the 6 of us. Beautiful, scenic, isolated from the city, and perfect weather, we had an amazing time there. We hiked and trailed, walked and jogged. Played basketball, soccer, volleyball, it was wonderful. Went boating, one boat for all of us. It was motor operated, so we just had to steer it. To boat in between nowhere with gentle breeze blowing, clear sky and the speed, with good company, I felt like I rule the world! All I wished then was a garam chai and wada-paav :) A typical Bombayite that I am, I miss those simple treats..

June looks promising. I will be moving into a new apartment by mid June, moving is a pain, but am looking forward to it. A new home, and with that comes new dreams, new hopes, and I am hoping some new achievements as well.