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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Diwali fest at Oracle

All practices done till the last moment, props readied, costumes and accessories ready and we were all set to rock the place! Around 2,000 people turned up for the show and it was a sell-out concert! The Bunty-Babli theme around the wedding setting was a hit and the audience just loved it and we loved the fact that they enjoyed every bit of it :)

The function had some brilliant music, some superb songs, fantastic tabla performances, a breathtaking kathak natya, and the magnificient Bollywood wedding medley around the Bunty-Babli skit. Our Thee-Thee song with the Mallu saree was a diya dance beautifully choreographed and we had an amazing time as the audience applauded and cheered for the diyas. We had fun too, never worn a Mallu saree and so much gold jewellery before, hehe. Then the finale of the medley was the Bole chudiyan followed by Say na Say na. Lost count on the number of compliments my lehenga received :D

All done now, and am already missing the practice sessions and all the fun we had. No more running around during the lunch sessions for practice, no more sneaking time in the evenings for a few dance steps, no more dinners at dhabas in Cupertino, hehe. Raising funds for the function was another small task I had undertaken and man, was that tuff or what! All that and so much more will I miss. Will have more time in hand for the work I am paid for, haha. But jokes aside, I am already missing all the sweet friends we used to meet up with...cant wait for the next Diwali when we start planning for the grand function.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

What happens in Vegas stays at Vegas:)

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by venkatnv

An amazing trip, back from Vegas last weekend and all the events are still so vivid in the mind after such an incredibly marvelous trip. Landed in Vegas at 1:30 AM Saturday morning. Had the food that Mom packed for me, and was ready to hit the bed, little did I know that Sun never sets in Vegas and I was in for such a startling adventure. We drove along the casinos, taking a glimpse of this massive game zone. I was struck by the city even as the flight was about to land...

We parked at MGM and walked along the Harrahs, Mandalay Bay and Luxor. Each casino was unique in its own way. Managed to catch a glimpse of some live shows. Reached back at the hotel at 4, were up at 9 and ready to go:) Venetian, wax museum and the Music fountain at Bellagio. Personally, I loved the wax museum the most and the horror show could be easily rated as the most enchanting. Mom was horror struck, she got damn scared and I was not doing anything to ease the tension either:) The flower garden, New York New York, Paris were real cool too.

The next days we covered Alladin, Excalibur, Bellagio, Caesars. Made a brief stop at Ghiradelli chocolate factory for some chocs :D Some window shopping along the Arabian streets and other shopping places around. There was this crystal engrave stores at MGM where we got our parents a 3D crystal with their images engraved. It glows with different colors when lit... A small gift that could be a reminiscence of their Vegas trip ;)

We took a ride in a roller coaster that was at a height of atleast some 60 floors or so. Something to take care of my adventure 'must dos' in any trip. It was so much fun, so what if my throat was aching that badly from my constant scream :) The Stratosphere was another must see we didnt miss. At 105 floors, you get a 360 degree view of the entire city. Reached at a good time, we managed to see both the day view as well as the lit sight after sunset.

So much done, so much more you could do if only there is some more time and everyone agrees, what happens in Vegas stays at Vegas :)