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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Talk cloudy

I attended a "Cloudy" conference in San Jose, 9/24 (didnt get a chance to blog yet!)- Great sessions with speakers from the industry on Cloud Management helped me hone my Cloud Fu, socializing and networking alongside awesome food, overall a good Saturday afternoon well spent.

There is no silver bullet to solve all the complex problems on performance, scalability, security, speed etc. More, faster and efficient Hardware is the closest to a magic bullet. However, choosing the right cloud platform can help us leverage many of the built-in advantages and features for free - Bulletproofing, easy access, dealing with contention, redundancy, reliablity etc. The decision of deploying the application on a Public vs Private cloud, or even going
with a Hybrid approach, Build vs buy, can vary with multiple parameters including Performance and Cost. The backend choice of Mongo, clusters, Hadoop, Greenplum technologies depends on the Ease of
Absorption within the organization, Speed, and Size of the data we deal with on the cloud.

As a buyer shopping in the Cloud for Paas/Iaas, network is our prime concern besides other factors like storage, servers, tools and virtualization. We would like to know the incident policy of the provider, their fraud detection mechanisms, and the turn-around time to handle customer complaints.

Here is a link of the schedule, each of them has a summary on the session and the speaker associated with it. The presentation slides will be shared on the site as well-


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