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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

India trip

Lots of food, lot of travel, brother's wedding and lots more encompassed my trip to India.

On our way to India, we did a brief tour of Singa-pura, the land of lions. Clean and green, very beautiful. A local told me the S'pore map resembles a crab, and that explains the greenery around there :) We took the 2 hr bus ride and the boat tour thats arranged by the S'pore airlines to promote tourism here. Covered the major landmarks and we couldnt stop our amazement at how well the city is maintained, planned, and connected. It was very humid though. Besides the weather, everything seemed perfect.

Landed in India, drained and sleepy, but was so excited to get back home and meet my parents, grandma, cousins, uncles and aunts. Was swamped with lots of love ... and a whole lot of movies, food, sweets. I just loved it all :D

A week since then had my visa stamped at the Mumbai Consulate, that went pretty smooth. All I was asked is to describe what I did at Oracle and what does the rest of my family do.

We did a Pune-Mahabaleshwar 3 day trip. That was one of the best trips I took, and may I add with some of the sweetest people I have known. Made 2 very good friends for life. We took the 4 hr Volvo Deluxe bus to Pune, pretty comfy. Went to a fancy garden restaurant in Pune. Early morning, we drove to Mahabaleshwar. Very scenic and superbly magnificient! Have been to Mahabaleshwar before, but this drive was beautiful! We covered some forts like Pratapgad chanting all the way 'Jai Shivaji', 'Jai Maharashtra'! :) We also did an awesome boat ride along the Koyna river.

The next week was my brother's wedding in Hyderabad. Being a mix of 2 cultures in the wedding, every occasion and celebration was so joyful and novel for all of us:) I thoroughly enjoyed every small festivity, be it Mehendi, Haldi, Mapalay Ayappu, Baraat, Kanyadaan, Shaadi, the n number of pujas, and the reception. I actually enjoyed dressing up, putting make up, jewelery, the photography and of course the constant flow of compliments and flattery ;)

We then went to Tirupati for 2 days. I loved the 3 and half hr trek from Alipuri to Tirumala, "Govinda GOvinda!". The weather was foggy and wet, cool and pleasant, beautiful and perfect! Felt so close to the nature, with the deer parks, dense forest and gorgeous climate. We did a Dharma Darshan at late night. Got back to the hotel at around 2 AM. We managed a few hrs of sleep and were back for the VIP darshan in the early morning. We, again had a 2 hr halt, but it felt like no time at all. The people around had so much energy and faith, love, it just rubs on you, well literally :) The God darshan sent a heavenly feeling, satiated and pleasantly happy and energetic.

Back to Bombay and now some final touches of shopping and hogging :)

It was all good but for my health that took a beating as I traveled, had the different varieties of food and drinks. Needless to add the pollution is something that took hard on me. Was sick for most of the time I was in India. The rest of things, however, were so nice and congenial, health issues looked meagre against all of the nice events happening around me :)

At the end of it was so tired and depleted, couldnt wait to be back home. Well, it is ironic, but this is where I feel home!


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