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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Last 2 months

Long time since I blogged. Reason- Was too bz for this :) Last few months have been packed with so much activity, I decided to pen down some of the events. Been to Phoenix for thanks giving, managed to visit Grand Canyon this time. Finally, managed to see the canyon that eluded me for so long :p It was massive, and beautiful. Spent some 2 hours walking around the small trails there...almost sunset when we reached and we got to see both the dark and the lit views.

Most weekends are movies and games, now that the weather doesnt permit hike and treks. But, a good time for skiing. Went to Lake Tahoe and had a marvellous time skiing. Went to SF and saw the fireworks in the new year. Colorful, yes but the patterns formed with the fireworks were awesome - ring, squares, cubes, star, rocket and the usual spirals and flowers was such a beauty! It was crowded yes, but very well managed crowd only to add more exuberance to the already building enthusiasm. There was this one festival called the Bethlehem celebration. It kinda painted the Christ time, his village, the birth of the Christ, the ponies, camels, cattle, the orchestra. Very beautifully done, glad I visited it...

Took the 17 mile drive, so what if we had to drive more than 100 miles to reach there. It was a marvellous drive. The gorgeous beach on one side and beautiful mountains, the whole ride was scenic and so exquisite! Half moon bay was another good place we went to. Lost count on the number of good restaurants we gorged in. Hard to pick up on the best- Kabul, Shivas, Saravana Bhavan were the toppers. The afghani icecream and the chaat paradise were again top class. I gotto mention the best movies I saw, maybe in my entire lietime. Pursuit of Happiness saw Will Smith surpass all the acting talents. Guru is Abhishek Bachan's best so far. He outshines everyone and I bet he deserves the Filmfare for this.

Ah, well, with the kind of company I had in the last month, everything we did was amazing! Be it the workouts, the restaurants we frequented, badminton games, dart, pool, movies or plain TV, it was fun all the way.


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