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Friday, August 07, 2009


Life is sometimes a puzzle, so much that we try to solve it, it gets only more intriguing. Life is a roller coster ride, we better enjoy the ups and downs while it lasts. Sleepless nights and me, never could it happen I thought, I could sleep in class, in lectures, watching movie, anywhere! But now I have thoughts racing in my mind in the middle of the night and I guess it best helps if I pin some down. So much that one thinks not to think about it, we end up doing just that.

I am thinking of the Hawaii trip last June, snorkelling with the fishes, yay! Am also thinking of the material things I crave for, things I probably missed out in life. I miss sprinting, miss playing squash, miss playing tennis, miss the good strong back I once had. I miss the good friends I have had. Mom and Dad are here with me, one less thing to miss :) Actually thinking about it, my social circle is getting smaller and smaller. O well, can set things right.

Have been painting lately and liking it too:) The camping trip to Clearlake SP was awesome, the Kailash Kher concert was surprisingly enjoyable, Uvas Canyon is great, Big Basin Redwood park is amazing, beaches in CA are breathtaking. Life is beautiful, people around are loving and kind, work pays well, but... totally despise it when 'but' creeps in, but it does!

I want to fly high at super speed cutting through the intense darkness of this seemingly never ending night. I want to swim into the most fierce waves of a mammoth water fall. I want to drive at lightning speed through the dense and daunting forest. I want to escape!


Blogger Prathibha said...

Have a baby and you never ever have insomnia again... you will only be left craving for sleep :-)

8:33 PM  
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