Fly to the sky

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

What a week !

Easily, the best week I have had at Pittsburgh ! Had a blast in the weekend. We had friends visit us who wanted to see what Pittsburgh night life is like :) We went to Tequilla Willes, a disc at Strip district in Downtown. Let my hair down after real long, I know. The party went on till 2:30 AM. We managed to find a pizza place open. Talked and talked, before we eralized it was 4:30AM. Back home, and was up till 6-7 !

Worked dead hard in the next 2 days, preparing for the demo we had to give. I knew this demo was important for my client, but had not anticipated this....the classroom was solid hi-tech! Students there were mostly PhD guys, each had a microphone on their desk. The class was being wired live to Japan. The Japanese students were video-conferencing with us. So, a special huge touchscreen for the class. Did not expect this, so was not really that well prepared too...I began like , 'Hi...Pittsburgh and Japan...', and then it was all smooth...The lecturer was happy, he asked me for a copy of this system for his class too. My prof was glad it went well.

The next day, my professor was very happy, and she has offered me a TAship for her class starting in April. This class is a distant program, and I would be required to help students on email, and correct their assignments and tests. I havent heard the details from her yet. But its nice that I will have another small income coming my way :)

Monday, February 06, 2006

A mixed day - Steelers won:) India lost:(

Yesterday was a day of mixed feelings, India lost to Pakistan in cricket by 7 runs. I knew after the last test match that we had a dim chance but I know India has the potential. Perhaps, they get nervous when they play Pakistan...whatever the reason, we have to accept that the team these days is not performing too well, damn! We could get a series match ticket at our school for $25, but I guess with this kind of team performance, they are not worth so much time...Tendulkar plays, the team wins was the motto of the Indian cricket team and ICC for long. Sachin hit a century yest, so what; Pakistan had a Salman Butt on their side. Anyways, that was the sad part.

The good thing is that Steelers won the Super Bowl! We are the world champions now! It was all crazy outside on the roads; the South side had everybody on the streets with beer in their hand and slogan on their lips...The station square area again was blocked for the crowd on the streets. Happy people, honking on the streets; it reminded me of Bombay. Saw the match at a freinds' place with a gang of Steelers fans to keep company, chakli and chips and moong to munch on, paav bhaji for food; and the atmosphere could not have been better.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Seven springs and skiing

"Aaaaaaaaaaaa", this was the sound I made everytime I fell, no doubt got hurt but it was fun :) I am talking of the skii trip I did today. The first time I have ever skiied, and I just experienced heaven...The GSA from our school had organized this trip, and nothing could go wrong. Left our home at 6:45 AM, caught the 6:50 bus to school and the school shuttle left for Seven Springs at 7:30, reached the place at about 9:30 AM. Collected our equipments - one pair of iron shoes, man that alone could have weighed 10 pounds; skii boards and holders. We had skiing lessons for about an hour. The tutor was so cute, though he made fun of me everytime I skiied; he said u don need to be so serious, this is no war, its okay to fall, no need for fear. I picked up the tricks quite fast. Then, we were on our own in the vast field.

They had made seperate tracks for beginners, intermediate and expert skiiers. The beginners track was about 200 metres, slope taking us down, and there was a lift to get us up again. We skiied till 1. I fell about 3-4 times. The first time, I fell on my back and was in no position to balance back myself, I had to call for help....but the next few times, I realized not to repeat the same mistake, and fell on the front, you can easily stand back or even untie you ski board if need be. Now, time for lunch. Came back at 2, and were there till 4. This period was the best. I knew I skii now :) I fall lesser, balance better and help some other less skilled people giving tips too ;) Time for a tea break now. Returned at 4:45. By this time, it started raining. This made the snow melt and was quite icy, very slippery. You could skii at great speed, but with not much balance and control. I found it very difficult to land and pause. At one time while landing, I was well in control,reduced the speed as well and then, the guy ahead of me on snowboard slipped and fell...I havent perfected the art of making a turn yet, and I dashed into him. This time again, I fell on the ice. There was one time when I was speeding, I had to slow down...crossed my ski boards, tried to break...tried to put in extra weight by kneeling down, sitting effect on the damn slippery ice, put my hand on the ground to stop, toppled and fell down hard. This time, a friend commented he had not seen anybody skiing in the sitting position, I could be a trend setter:) As time passed, the rain increased in intensity and skiing became tougher. But, still I skiied, speeded, fell as I landed, bounced back and continued.

Now, it was 6:30 PM; my hands and feet had gone numb quite long back, but now I started getting cramps at my fingers...rertuned the equipment stuff, and back to the bus. We left the place at about 7:30 PM. Long day... pain all over my body, but quenched my thirst for adventure, and swore to come back again, that time it will be the experts' track:)