Fly to the sky

Sunday, July 16, 2006

First month at CA

Moved to CA on the 18th June, at a friend's place for the first week. Already finalized the apt formalities from Pittsburgh...joined work on the 19th, got all the essentials for the living, moved into my apartment! Just one week past and I was all set at the new place. Was enjoying the rahter slow start at Oracle :)

1 more week and it was a long weekend...went to Colorado springs. White water rafting, trekking, site seeing, and the Rocky mountains drive were only a few of the many things we did :) It was a lot of fun. Back home, made a quick dinner and rushed to the airport to pick my parents. Mom and Dad will be with me for a few months. Another reason to why I should hurry with my license and car;)

Work is starting to pick up, there is enough in hand to keep me busy. Took Mom and Dad to Pier39, and the Half Moon Bay in the 2 weekends so far. With Caltrains, Bart and Samtrans, the transportation is not really a problem...Its funny that I hardly know the city myself and I act as a guide to show them around:) This helps me explore the city as well. We take long walks around the neighborhood, parents do the groceries and food is the last thing I need to worry about when they are here...

I never think of myself as impulsive, but yeah these days the decisions I make are not really after much deliberation. Got to rethink about a lot of things...let time reveal itself and it doesnt help much to worry about events before they unfold...