Fly to the sky

Monday, November 06, 2006

Packed weekends

Been to Mt Diablo last weekend. Not an enthu hiker, but had definitely some energy to say a yes to the 4000 feet hike, little did I know about the madness that I was about to get myself into :)

So, we left our home at 7, reached the hike zone at 8:30. All set and we started our hike. We started jogging and running and singing. And so, we hiked the first 3 hours. Now, it was steeper and steeper and we were tired too. We had selected a trail of about 5 miles, but we diverted from our initial set goal and started on some unnamed trial. The next 3 miles were so steap, I wish we returned back, but close to the summit and we cannot trace steps back now! And so, we dragged ourselves. Reached the peak and it was 12:50. Such beauty! Felt so close to Nature, and all the effort was worth it. Rested for a while, and started downhill. We thought the path back shouldnt take more than 2 hours. But 3 hours gone and we found ourselves lost in the jungle, minus our water and the little food we carried along....ah, tired, pain all over and we were trying to find our way....finally, at 5:30 we reached our parking lot. Grabbed food at the 1st restaurant we set our eyes on and back home...hit the bed as soon as I was home :)

This weekend was far more relaxing. Played badminton on Sat and did some household stuff for the rest of the day, movies at home...Sunday, payed a visit to the DON and I loved it! Ok, not very realistic and some poor dialogues but great locales, some cool action scenes and finally a thorough entertainer!